Hello, and welcome to the website of  The Academy of Equine Performing Arts!

"Building unity through trust"

The Academy is currently located on the outskirts of Bacchus Marsh, Victoria and with a base near Byron Bay New South Wales.

The training philosophy here at The Academy is simple...to communicate our wishes to the horse in a way that the horse understands. This is where the name Heartfelt Horsemanship comes in...many have asked if what I do is 'natural horsemanship' or this method or that. The name Heartfelt Horsemanship merely describes how we are with  the horses and handling, rather than what we 'do'. How we are within ourselves with the horses is much more important than what we do and always will be.

Forceful methods or methods using pain are not tolerated or used here. Students come to The Academy   (or I travel to them) to learn how to communicate with their horses and understand them better; during this process  people come to understand themselves better too. The end result is a more confident and skilled rider or handler that is far more aware of their horse and their horse's needs...and able to communicate with horses  in a way that horses understand. For the horse, this removes an enormous amount of fear which would otherwise inhibit the education process...so we have then, a happier, calmer, more balanced  and safe horse (and person!). 

 Through the process of educating the horse and more importantly the handler (which takes place at their own respective pace), the handler learns to work horses at liberty (all horses are started this way so that they may express their true self and state of being in a safe environment) and then with the horse in hand in a cordeo...and this  groundwork is taken up into the saddle when the horse is ready, if the handler then makes the decision to ride at all.  When a solid relationship is established then equine circensic arts are introduced to further the education of both. Work (and play!)  is done at both  liberty and 'under saddle' (under the above conditions)..or bareback. It's a great way to get a solid education about horses  AND have fun!! The training available at The Academy and through clinics will improve any horse , and the rider improves in technique and confidence with a greater understanding of equine anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, psychology and a better feel of their horses . 

I have a facebook page (Heartfelt Horsemanship Australia) which has articles, and on which clinic/workshop dates are published...please journey on over there and have a look,  you can scroll down to the link below.  I hope you enjoy these sites and are able to take away something useful and informative from them... happy playing, and as is said here ... May the Horse be with you!

Principal: Janene Clemence

Email: equinearts@optusnet.com.au

Site last updated: 05/02/12

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